• Do I need to buy an additional groundsheet?

    All of the tents we sell have a thick, durable ground sheet built-in so you would not need to buy an additional one. The Crua Cocoon can be used on its own, but it was designed to work inside of the Duo or another tent, so it is the only tent we offer without the built-in groundsheet.
  • Do I need to buy a pump?

    We supply 1 pump with each purchase of the Crua Core or the Crua Complete Clan. We do not supply the pump for the Cocoon or the Combo: Duo + Cocoon. The pump we sell is a double action pump, so it pumps on the up and down pumps for quicker inflation. More info can be found here:
  • How bulky or heavy are the tents?

    Some of our tents, especially our larger tents, are heavier than traditional tents for the following reasons: * We use high-grade, high-quality materials. * The poly-cotton insulation is far better and more efficient than polyester. * We use the strongest steel poles in the sector to provide extr...
  • I am tall, will I fit in the Hybrid?

    The Crua Hybrid is 7.5 feet tall, so it should accommodate people up to 7 feet tall with no problems.
  • I'm having a hard time zipping the door on the Crua Tri. Is there an issue?

    There is no issue. We have made the Tri to suit all conditions, including heavy wind. We cut down on any excess fabric that could flap in windy conditions. It's good tent care to ensure all doors and windows be completely closed and zipped up when taking down a tent. That way, the next time y...
  • What is the quality of the materials used?

    Everything about our Thermo insulated tents exceeds industry norms. Our groundsheets, poles, flysheet, mesh and even our zips are the highest quality. Our manufacturing partner is by far the most known in the world and our guarantee reflects our confidence in this.