• How effective is sound insulator?

    Crua's insulated tents reduces noise transfer by 10 - 15 decibels. This is the equivalent of reducing city traffic noise down to the equivalent of a normal conversation. You can see it in action here: NOTE: Different tents and situations can yeild different results.
  • Is the tent breathable?

    Our CruaBreath technology uses 2 layers of highly breathable poly-cotton, which sandwich our TTinsu insulation and is very breathable. This is the key to limit the condensation as well as to provide comfortable and safe living environment. This breathability is supplemented by high and low vents.
  • What is Temperature Regulation/ Insulation?

    Insulation is equally effective in keeping heat out of the tent on very hot days and at keeping it in during cold days or nights. Keep in mind, the point of insulation is not to actually produce heat itself, but rather prevent the passing of heat through it - more of a barrier. Think about the in...